Individual Insurance
Safeguarding you and your loved ones


Individual insurance is an important safety net for your financial and personal security and there are many different ways to create the coverage you need. Life insurance can provide peace-of-mind to your loved ones, as well as protect your assets, and make sure that your family is not left without resources. Medical insurance provides security in the face of health problems and emergencies. Other forms of insurance, like long-term care, disability insurance, vision and dental, can all contribute to your financial and emotional security.

Medical Insurance

Evaluating your situation to find the right medical insurance in a complex and ever-changing field is challenging, and this is an area where BDR’s experts can help. There are many excellent types of coverage available at affordable prices, such as HMO, PPO, POS or HSA options. What doctors you need, how to pay hospital costs, and whether or not you need a prescription drug plan are all taken into consideration for determining the ideal package at the best price available.

Life Insurance

There are different types of life insurances and BDR can help navigate the maze of product offerings. “Term” life insurance provides fixed coverage at a fixed rate for a particular amount of time and is very reasonably priced. But it may not be there when you need it since coverage ends at the conclusion of the “term.” “Whole” life insurance has significant advantages, such as cash value, loan provisions and, most importantly, covers the insured’s entire life. What’s the right type for you? Let BDR help you understand this field, so you are assured of finding the best policy for your individual needs.

Long-Term Care

If you become chronically ill or disabled, and are unable to perform the basic daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc., what are your options? Long-Term Care insurance is the solution. Long-Term Care allows you to maintain your independence and not rely on the mercy of friends or family. Long-term care insurance pays the cost of home health care services, assisted living facilities or, if necessary, nursing home care. Many people mistakenly believe Medicare or the government pays for these expenses. Statistics show that about 40% of those receiving long-term care today are between the ages of 18-64. So, for added peace-of-mind, let BDR help you choose the type of coverage to supplement your medical care policy.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Your three most important assets are your home, your car and your income. Of these, your income is the most important asset because without income the other two assets aren’t possible. Yet, your home and your car are insured, and your income most likely is not. Long-Term Disability insures your income if you become unable to earn a living. With a one-in-five chance of becoming disabled, and with the average stay away from work being 2˝ years, is it any wonder that long-term disability insurance is becoming a must-have?

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance polices can differ widely on what they include, such as regular cleanings, X-rays, and other procedures that combine to help preserve your oral health. You only have one set of teeth, and BDR can chose just the right policy that will help protect them.

International Medical Insurance

Whether you're traveling outside the U.S. for study, business or pleasure, a medical emergency can happen which your current medical plan may not cover. This limited-term, supplementary form of insurance will cover you abroad in the case of a medical emergency. And the reverse is also true -- if you have relatives coming to visit the U.S. for an extended period of time, you might want to consider International Medical Insurance to protect them and provide them with peace-of-mind while they are here.