Benefits Design Resources, Inc.

Testimonials From Happy Clients

The level of professionalism we, at Schlesinger Law Offices, P.A., have received from Bill Warren is unparalleled.  For over a decade, Bill has looked out not only for the best interest of our business, but also, for what is in the best interest of our employees.  He is readily available to answer questions; to intercede on our behalf with the carrier and/or physician. With Benefits Design Resources, Inc., we get options; recommendations; results and most of important,  exceptional customer service.

Gisel Rosa

Office Administrator
Schlesinger Law Office
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Bill Warren has made purchasing health insurance for our non profit easy to understand.  He presents comparable plans with multiple companies to show the most affordable and comprehensive plan for our business .  He takes the time to review the detailed information with each employee so they know their full spectrum of benefits.  Bill provides personalized small town service in a big city!

Gratefully green

Sandy Shapiro
Executive Director
Miami Beach, FL

Bill has handled our Firm’s health insurance arrangements from the first day our Firm opened 15 years ago.  Each year he has provided us with a detail array of tailored options to consider.  His efforts have been instrumental in our being able to provide our attorneys & staff the most affordable high quality coverage available—year in and year out.

Mark Grimes, Esq.

Golden & Grimes, LLP
Miami, FL

This letter of recommendation is written on behalf of Bill Warren’s explementary work as an outside consultant for Insurance needs for Allied Metals LLC.  I have worked with Bill for over the past 6 years and would like to describe in words or phrases that contribute to himself personally and professionally.  I would consider Bill’s attitude “Can Do Attitude” with a phrase “Johnny on the Spot” that come to mind.  Bill is knowledgeable, hands on, caring, compassionate, goes the extra mile, analytical, and furthermore looking out for your best interest with dealing one on one with the insurance industry.  Bill fought hard for our rate deductions and continues to aid and provide knowledge after the renewal period.  I would highly recommend Bill for your organization that would need assistance in  Insurance related subject matters and knowledge.  Bill is truly an asset and is highly sought after.

Matthew R. Dyer


Bill Warren has been handling my law firm’s medical insurance for the last several years.  I am extremely pleased by the service that Bill provides.  He is seemingly always accessible, he responds quickly to all inquiries, and he helps to explain claims and the claim process.  He is also always available to my covered employees whenever they have questions.  I have found Bill to be a terrific insurance representative and that is why we continue to renew our law firm policy with him, year-after-year.

Bruce A. Coane

Coane and Associates
Miami Beach, FL/Houston TX

Bill Warren was referred to my company when I had hit a wall in navigating the “Group Health” options and red tape.  After cycling through no less than 4 independent representatives, Bill was an absolute ray of light.  He was able to explain what we had, what we needed, what our options were, and define clearly what the impact of our decisions would be – both financially and legally.  Definitely an expert and always attentive and responsive.

Joseph Steen

Power Surge Consulting.

Our firm has been extremely satisfied with the services from Bill Warren of Benefits Design Resources.  Bill always presents a range of options on renewal, and the depth of his market knowledge is helpful in evaluating the alternatives.

And while many agents might push for a renewal with the existing carrier because it is easier for them, Bill is more interested in my objective, as the client.

Bill is always pleasant and provides much  more personal service than I was used to getting when my account was serviced by one of the large insurance agencies.

We have enjoyed and appreciate our relationship with Bill Warren and Benefits Design Resources and expect to continue our relationship into the future.

Saul Gross

Streamline Properties
Miami Beach, FL
(Former Miami Beach Commissioner)

Bill Warren has been handling our offices group insurance needs for a number of years. I do not generally make recommendations or provide testimonials. In this case I am making an exception because I can recommend Bill Warren without reservation. He is an exceptional professional.
As an organization we always want to provide the very best health coverage possible for our team.... obviously at the most competitive price.
Bill has always been totally direct and 100% reliable. He has meticulously explained the pros and cons of everything available in the marketplace and has guided us to make the best and most intelligent decision regarding the coverage for one our most important asset ...our employees.
Bill is immediately responsive to any and all inquiries both by myself or any member of our staff. At the beginning of each year he makes an appointment in our office and talks to all of our employees explaining in detail the benefits and coverages that are available to them.
Prior to Bill I had worked with a couple of other insurance brokers . They would always be there at renewal time then I would not see or hear from them again until the next year.
These days health insurance is very complicated. It is not always easy to figure out what is covered and what is not. Navigating all of the various plans is complicated and difficult to understand. Having Bill Warren on your team makes it all easy. I highly recommend his services.

Marvin Ross Friedman

Friedman & Friedman PA
Trial Lawyers
Coral Gables, FL

Mr. Warren is an exceptional human being and a pleasure to work with. I have been dealing with him for several years with our office health insurance and he is always available to answer and assist with our every need. The multiple times I’ve needed help with a question, if he cannot give you answer right away, rest assured he will always get back to you with the information. He always has his client’s best interest and goes the extra mile to make sure it is the best suitable insurance coverage for his client and the employees. I would highly recommend Mr. Warren to anyone. 

Evelyn Prado

Office Administrator
Friedman and Friedman, P.A.
Coral Gables, FL

Bill Warren provides reliable and resourceful service in helping me as HR manager provide quality benefits administration to Seraphic Fire employees. I can count on him to get me the information I need to make important decisions regarding employee benefits, and I know he takes the time to understand our unique organizational context so that he can provide appropriate solutions for our employee benefits needs. I'm really grateful to have him as our broker.

Eric J. Rubio

Finance and Operations Manager
Seraphic Fire
Miami, FL